Why Does My Dog Sit On My Feet?

Are you getting late for bedtime just because you can’t get up from the couch and disturb your dog sleeping on your feet? Are your feet a new resting place for the pups? Have you ever thought, why do dogs enjoy napping on the owner’s feet? Let’s discover!


Dogs love to relax in a comfy, warm place and human feet serve as the best place. Our body temperature is a bit different from our four-legged friends. Puppies also like the warmth of their mother’s lap, and your feet are no more different. Dogs can feel the heat of the human body, and they simply love snoozing on the feet.


Dogs show love for their owners by staying close to them. As soon as you enter the house, your pup will start curling around your legs, wagging his tail, and eventually sleep on your feet. Of course, he missed you. By staying on your feet, he is ensuring that you are going nowhere. He simply wants you to be with him. Share his love and get a few rewards from you.


Parking a dog on the feet can be because of separation anxiety. A dog afraid of something or having phobias can also sit on the human feet. With his flat ears, dragging tail, and low head, your pup will stay there until he feels good. Your absence for a long time might urge them to sleep on the feet for long. A nervous pooch needs a few taps and assurance from the owners that he’ll not be left alone in the future!


Dog’s have their own way of expressing possession over something. A dog will reside on your feet for short intervals, reminding you that he is there to protect you. If he barks or growls at others approaching you, stop them right there. This is not good behavior. Allow them to guard you while relaxing on the feet but never let them cross the limits.

Wrapping Up!

Decoding the dog’s sleeping behavior on your toes is not less than a mystery box. There can be so many reasons for them, staying close to your body. But make sure this cute little habit doesn’t create problems for both of you!

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