Why Does My Dog Lick Me So Much?

Have you ever seen a dog kissing its owner? Well, they do show affection and care but using their salivary tongue. And you taste good as well. A dog licking your face is more than a way of communication.

Don’t worry if your dog is licking you so much. Here are the most common reasons:


Licking is closely related to grooming. Dogs groom themselves and their fellow partners by excessive licking. They try the same method to groom their humans.


Licking strengthens the bond between the two of you. A dog licking your face shows its trust and love. He just can’t let you go away from him.


When you meet your dog after a considerable time, or take them for a long drive, get ready to be licked. Excitement can urge dogs to lick and pour the saliva all over your body. Come on; your baby is too happy.

Food or Water

Dogs can’t speak. When they crave for meal or water, they start licking everything that has ever touched the food. They will lick your hands and face to quench their thirst. Offer them a bowl of water and see if they accept it happily.


Nervousness can be a cause of licking. If your puppy has gone through a tragedy, like the separation of its partner, mom, or dad, he might start licking your body. Fearful thoughts of inhumane treatment can also be the possible reason for this behavior.


When you are away for some time, the dog gets bored. The lack of exercise, training, or physical activities can trigger the licking process. Make sure your dog has a regular training session to avoid boredom.

Seek Attention

Some dogs lick the owner’s face to grab their attention. If you cannot give enough time to play with your dog, it will start licking and reminding you that he is missing you.

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