What to do when your dog is in the heat?

Are you confused about how to take care of your female dog in heat? An unspayed furry friend can surprise its owner anytime after it crosses the 6-month age. A dog in heat demands your affection, care, and lots of doggy diapers.

From the strange behavioral changes to frequent bleedings, your baby girl undergoes different phases. If you have an unspayed male and female canine in your house, get ready to hear the good news! You will soon become a dog grandparent.

The pregnancy period can be uncomfortable, messy, and insanely panicking for both of you. To know more about the heat cycle, precautions, and preparations for your dog in heat, read till the end.

Female dog period

Like women, female animals also experience periods. A bitch, after reaching puberty, encounters regular periods. The span of the periods is different from human beings, but the cycle continues once they reach puberty.

The dog in heat for the first time

The heat cycle is different in different dog breeds. You might have a large breed that shows its first pregnancy symptom at the age of two or a small pup of six months dealing with this mess. However, a 6-15 month canine is most likely to experience its first heat cycle.

Signs of a dog in heat

To fully prepare for your dog’s first heat cycle, you need to recognize the symptoms that may be apparent from its behavior and body language. The most common indications are:

  • Frequent urination
  • Attraction towards male dogs
  • Swelling in the vulva (starts bleeding in some cases)
  • Excited or lethargic
  • Licking of the genital region
  • Rapidly moves the tail position
  • Hides from the male dogs
  • Aggressive, afraid, or frustrated
  • Lifts its leg when it faces a male dog

The phases of the heat cycle in dogs

A female dog goes through four stages of the heat cycle before it gives birth to its babies. These phases are:

#1- Proestrus

This is the first phase of the canine heat cycle. During this phase, a female dog shows swelling in its vulva, passes blood from the vulva, licks the genital area, and becomes sensitive and afraid from the male partners.

#2- Estrus

During this stage, the female gives attention to the male dogs. The bitch starts urinating more than ever before. The urination might leave spots in different areas, and the discharge fluid is straw-colored. The clingy behavior continues for other females, but males are welcomed with a tail held on their side.

#3- Diestrus

The heating stage seems to be over now. At this stage, you can call your dog a pregnant female. No vaginal discharge and a regular-sized vulva can be witnessed in the third phase.

#4- Anestrus

The female is sexually inactive, and there is no indication of hormonal change. This is the last and the most relaxed stage of all four stages.

The gap between two heat cycles

Generally, dogs undergo two heat cycles in 12 months. But the regularity may vary depending on the age, type of breed, and size of the dog. Toy breeds show unusual behavior in the heat cycles.

They can go on heat 2-3 times per year, whereas larger breeds can experience only one cycle in a calendar year. The estrous cycles of dogs do not depend on external factors like temperature, sunlight, or seasonal changes.

How to take care of a dog in heat?

A dog in heat means a difficult time for both of you. To make things easier and relax your pup during the heat cycle, we have compiled a list of preparations.

Give Additional Care

A dog in the heat requires more love, care, and attention. At the same time, you will notice a change in its behavior. She might become more sensitive and demand more time from its owner. Your care can heal her pain and divert her attention from the ongoing hormonal changes in the body.

Deviate from a regular diet

Your baby girl can lose interest in food. During the heat cycle, female dogs avoid the meals offered by the owners. To prevent this situation, you can give chicken balls and meat food without onion and garlic.

Extravagance in treats may also attract their appetite. If your dog is suffering from diarrhea, offer a boiled hamburger along with a bowl of rice.


Indulge your pup in the activities that divert its attention from the mess of the heat cycle. Playing indoor games, exercises, and other fun sessions will definitely help her to relax. Moreover, an exhausted dog is more likely to sleep for long.

So what are you thinking? If you fall into a similar situation, you must try this method.

Avoid unnecessary smells

To protect your furry baby from the external dogs during its heat cycle, you must close all your house doors and windows. You might be astounded to know that the smell of love is the strongest of all. It attracts male dogs even if they are in a distant place. Mating between a female and a male is not a good sign for your pup’s health.

Increase the security around her

Although the home is the best place for resting, a dog in heat is enticed to run away from its master. Due to the activated hormones, female dogs are always looking for opportunities to escape and find some male partners for mating.

Open doors, windows, and careless play hours in the dog park can result in the loss of your beloved companion. So, consider locking it up within the four walls of your house.

Regular cleaning

Hygiene is one of the most critical factors that can help relax your female dog and prevent the male dogs from approaching it. From bathing to grooming and using tissues, the overall cleaning will remove the “love-smells” and reduce the tension in its mind. Doggy diapers are an excellent option for a dog in heat.

Chlorophyll tablets

You can give chlorophyll tablets to your female dogs and avoid exposure to male partners. Mix it with their food, and try introducing the liquid version from the start of the first heat cycle.

But this medication does not guarantee 100% protection from male dogs. If your doggie starts passing green colored stools, don’t get worried. It is because of the chlorophyll tablets.

You can try any of the above methods to guard your female dogs in heat and make them feel at home. Although spaying is a permanent solution to this problem, however, if you own an unspayed bitch, you will have to give attention to these methods.

Can a dog in heat withstand a spay surgery?

Once your dog is in heat, never plan for spay surgery. During the heat cycle, the dog’s organs are susceptible and prone to catch diseases. The uterus expands and fills up with blood, creating difficulties for the surgeons.

Furthermore, the spay surgery (during the heat cycle) is a significant threat to your pup’s life. You can get this treatment at least one month after the heat cycle.

Bottom Line

You can protect any female dog in heat by taking precautionary measures. Loads of love and care is an essential part of this phase. If you notice any strange thing with your pup or too much blood flow through the vaginal area, we recommend an immediate checkup from a veterinarian.

We hope that our blog helped to answer your queries. If you liked it, please share your thoughts in the comment section. Best of luck!

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