Top 10 Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Have you ever felt hard done by luck when you are just about to reach your goal, but it is halted by something? 

Have you ever felt agonizingly close to your destination but suddenly something happens, and you are again far away from what you really wanted?

The answer to this question will be yes for most of the readers, for sure. Now, this will be used as an analogy for Dog lovers. 

Imagine you are deeply in love with something, but you cannot touch it. Imagine you want to show affection and love to that person or thing, but you can’t even cuddle with it. 

This might be the case with a lot of Dog lovers out there. No matter how much they love their dogs, but some people are just allergic to the fur that the dogs shed off, and hence they cannot love the dog the way they want to. 

In some worst cases, people can’t even keep the dogs, and they have to let go because of the shedding problem. 

Are you one of those unfortunate people? Well, now you don’t need to worry at all. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 breeds of dogs that don’t shed. 

That sounds interesting, right? Now, you don’t have to worry about the shedding problem or the allergy it might cause you at all. 

  1. Poodle

Whenever there is a dog beauty show, you would bet your money that a Poodle will end up on the podium at least. These are beautiful dogs which are usually famous for their fancy hairstyles and a beautiful walk. 

However, an additional feather to the cap of the Poodle is that it does not shed at all. If you want everyone to notice your dog’s beauty when you are out, and a dog that does not shed, then Poodle has to be your number one choice for sure. 

  1. Bichon Frise

If there would be a dog, which would be called the synonym of Aesthetics, it just has to be Bichon Frise. These dogs are so pleasing to the eye and are surely a thing of beauty. 

To add to that beauty factor is another plus point that these dogs are Hypoallergenic, which means that they do not cause allergies to human beings. 

This clears all your doubts in your minds, right? So it’s time to go on and adopt a Bichon Frise right away. 

  1. Yorkshire Terrier 

These dogs come with a sweet little warning tag, and that is that you need to groom them a lot. These dogs are unique in a way that they do not have an underlying cover of fur. They have silky hair, and they do not shed. 

Their hair is so silky and beautiful that it might put you to shame and make you want to care about your hair care routine. 

  1. Portuguese Water Dog 

These dogs are quite similar to poodles, and they also require quite some time to groom. 

However, they consist of an outer coat that is waterproof and hence the name Water-Dog. 

These dogs are full of energy, and if you adopt them, they will surely always keep you on the run. 

  1. West Highland Terrier 

These beautiful looking dogs do not shed a lot and also do not take much time to groom. These dogs were originally bred to catch those notorious Rats of West highland. That’d be an added advantage if you want to take this dog.

  1. Havanese 

Silky long hair, beautiful looking, very active and friendly nature – we are not talking about any model but rather talking about the Havanese breed. 

These are one of the most beautiful breeds of small dogs, and one should surely adopt them if he wants a dog that does not shed. 

  1. Whippet 

Whippets can be regarded as the athlete breed as well. They are the fittest and most athletic breed out of small dogs, and they do not mind a long run or extensive workout. 

However, when it comes to shedding, they do shed a bit but are mostly safe to keep. However, if someone is too sensitive, then, in that case, a whippet should be avoided. 

  1. Löwchen 

Löwchen is one of the oldest breeds of small dogs that have been kept by a lot of people. 

These dogs are highly energetic, and they keep their holder on their toes at all times. 

  1. Afghan

These models look like dogs to make for a great family dog. They have all the qualities that you would lookout in a family dog, and the biggest plus point is that they do not shed. Even if they do, it’s very little in amount. 

  1.  Shih Tzu

These intelligent, lovely, and energetic dogs are a keeper’s dream. They have all the qualities of a great dog and add to that, and they do not shed. 

If you are a dog lover and afraid of the allergies caused by shedding then our list of ten small dogs is for you. Best of Luck!.

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