How to Tell If Your Dog Trust You

An avid pet owner never misses a chance to strengthen the bond with his/her four-legged friend. To keep their tales wagging, you watch movies together; take them for walks, share meals, bed, and other belongings. Frequent treats, taps on the back, and belly rubs are a great way to win your baby’s trust.

But how to tell if a dog trust you? How our furry companions express love? How strong is the relationship with your pal?

Your Dog Makes an Eye Contact

The first sign that shows you are now a trustable owner is the direct eye contact with the dog. Dogs look into the owner’s eye when they expect treats, rewards, and love from the owners. Human beings hug, but the dogs can’t. They maintain a relaxed, non-threatening posture and talk with their eyes.

Your Dog Prefer Sleeping on Your bed

Dogs usually don’t share their resting place, but when they do, it is a clear indication that they trust their sleeping partner. They just jump onto your bed, touch your legs, find a comfortable part of the bed and close the eyes. They might be the most active animals during sleep, but they are definitely comfortable sleeping with you.

The body language says it all

If a dog is annoyed or threatening, he will misbehave, bark, and show restlessness all the time. Contrary to this, a dog that allows you to touch, play, and spend time with them signals the bond of trust and love. They keep their angry part aside and display a positive attitude. They obey the commands and live happily with you.

The dog demands attention and love

No matter what personality they keep, all dogs like to be cuddled and play with the human caretakers. A dog seeking your attention is a subtle sign of a trustworthy relationship. For example, you return from the office, and your beloved companion welcomes you at the doorstep with a smile on his face and stays close to you. He is asking for your time!

Bottom Line

A dog is the man’s best and loyal friend. To understand your dog’s love for you, check its body language. If they sleep, eat, play, and spend time with you, they definitely trust you!

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