Boston Terrier vs. French Bulldog – Which is Better?

Are you someone who is planning to adopt a dog soon? Do you want it to be a small dog that is highly friendly and social as well?

If these are your basic requirements, then it is for sure that you are now confused between Boston Terrier and French Bulldog. 

Are you tired of the discussion with your friends about which one is better? 

Harry, who is your school mate, can’t speak enough about the Boston Terrier. In contrast, Tom, who is your colleague at work, always talks about how lovely his French Bulldog is, and that just adds to your confusion, right? 

You need not worry at all because we are here to solve your problem. 

In this article, we will have a detailed look at different aspects of both the dogs. After reading this article, we are dead sure that you will be finally able to decide which dog breed you want to make a part of your family. 

Before starting with the characteristics of both dogs, you need to know in your mind what you really want in your dog. Don’t overthink and just make your mind crystal clear about your requirements. 

Are you done with that? Okay, so here we go! 

How Do They Look Like? 

Suppose a person who has zero knowledge about Dogs gets to see these two breeds. In that case, there is a great amount of chance that he might not differentiate between these two dogs, and he might consider them to belong to the same breed. 

Boston terrier, also known as the “American Gentleman,” is similar to the French Bulldog. However, there are some differences as well, which are as under. 

1) Boston Terriers are rather smaller than the French Bulldog. 

2) Boston terrier lacks wrinkles on the face, whereas it’s one of the most prominent French Bulldog features to have wrinkles. 

3) Boston Terriers are mostly either White or Black, and they support a tuxedo coat. In contrast, French Bulldog can have a wide variety of colors and shades of different colors. 

Are They Good Family Dogs? 

Now, this would be the question of many people that how would these dogs react to a family, and will they be able to adjust according to the environment of a family. 

The answer to this question is quite simple: it depends upon the requirements of the family and what you are exactly looking for in your dog. 

Suppose you are looking for an active dog that plays with you all day and keeps everyone on their toes at all times and is excitingly pleasant. In that case, the Boston Terrier is the dog that you are meant to have. 

But if you are looking for a sober companion who likes to sit in the backseat of the car in his cart and enjoy the journey silently. In that case, a French Bulldog might just win your favor. 

So, we can set a thumb rule about which dog is a better family dog. They both behave quite well around a family. It just depends upon family to a family which dog they want to choose according to their needs. 

Do They Shed? 

This is one of the most important questions frequently asked whenever someone is about to adopt or buy a dog. There are many dog lovers out there, who love dogs a lot and really go out of their ways to bring comfort to their dogs, but sadly they are allergic to the hair of dogs, and they just can’t keep a dog that sheds. 

However, this problem is very much put to rest if you want to buy a Boston Terrier or French Bulldog. 

Suppose you are extra sensitive to dog hair. In that case, Boston terrier has to be your number one choice because they are known as light shedders, and hence the chances of you catching an allergy are quite low. 

However, if you are resistant to a bit of dog hair, then French Bulldog can also be a choice because usually, they are light shedders, but at times they can shed moderately as well. 

Is Their Grooming A Tough Task? 

Their grooming is not much hard toil as both of the dogs just need proper brushing and a bath every fortnight or a month even would do just fine. 

So, now we think all of your confusions must rest away, and your mind would be now clear enough to make your decision about which dog you want to invest in. 

Dogs and Humans share a special bond of love with each other, and we pray and hope that whichever breed you choose to make a part of your life brings out the best in you, and it proves out to be best for the dog as well. 

Happy Human dog relationship!

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