7 Signs That Show a Dog Trusts You.

We all want to have that loving, close bond with our dogs, but what are the signs that show a dog trusts you? This bond does not appear overnight and takes a lot of patience and work, but it is so rewarding and makes for a happier, healthier dog.

Here are 7 Signs That Show a Dog Trusts You:

  1. Eye Contact

For dogs, making eye contact is serious business. Holding eye contact for longer than 3 or 4 seconds makes most dogs uncomfortable as it is a sign of a challenge. However, for a dog who has bonded with his owner, eye contact shows trust. If you want to increase your dog’s trust you can gaze at them, while also giving lots of praise and gentle stroking to reassure them.

  1. Relaxed Body Language

A happy dog will display a very calm and relaxed body language. This includes a loose mouth, relaxed facial expression (no frown creases between the eyes), and a loose wagging tail. Dogs who really trust will roll over for belly rubs. Instinctively, dogs will hide their belly area as this is the place predators generally attack first. If your dog shows his stomach to you, then he truly trusts you.

  1. Checking In

When you go out for walks or visit a new place, a trusting dog will check in with you from time to time. This includes turn towards you to see how far away you are or returning to you without you asking. This is a natural pack behavior. Members of the pack will check in with each other to make sure everything is ok. If your dog does this then he definitely trusts you.

  1. Greet You When You Come Home

After a long day at work or a few hours running errands, your dog should have at least noticed that you were not home! If your dog is truly bonded to you and values your presence within the home, he will react with excitement whenever you return.

Signs That Show a Dog Trusts You

  1. Lying On Your Clothes

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell and those who are well bonded to their owners will find their scents to be calming. If your dog trusts you, he will enjoy lying on things that smell like you. This includes furniture, bedding, and clothes. He may even carry around your shoes!

  1. Responds To Your Voice

Anyone can train a dog, but if your dog trusts you, he will respond to your voice in any situation. A call is a great way to show this. Dogs who always come when called are showing that they value your company and attention. They see it as a high-value reward, even better than playing with other dogs!

  1. Seeking Physical Contact

Pack members often seek grooming or physical contact from other members that they trust. If your dog comes to you for attention such as strokes or playtime, this shows that he has a good bond with you. Dogs who truly trust will fall asleep easily in your presence and will even choose a spot close to you to take a nap.

You can improve your bond by doing training sessions, encouraging them to play fetch with you, or giving them a grooming session. All these things are signs that show a dog trusts you and values your company.

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